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Permanent Cosmetic


Institute Of Dermal Art Technologies

Microblading Classes

We have a wonderful course that is like no other, as we

teach 3 distinctive techniques in microblading for the brows.

Natural Stroke, 3dhd Brow, and Micro Brow (tm)

We have your ticket to success with our current permanent cosmetic seminars that are high visuals and hands on.

There are several to choose from in our the continuing education for the beauty field.

Each day seminar is priced separately at $950.00 and can be combined as a 2 day or a 3 day course.

This ultra exclusive education has been developed by Ms. Pamela Abshear and Tim Paulus, who are unique leaders in the industry and vice president chair holders of the League of Permanent Cosmetic Providers.

Ms. Abshear has been in the tattooing field for over 20 years and is considered a master tattooist of face, body and medical applications. Pamela has taken her body art experience and put a spin on it.....and developed shading and blending techniques that typically found in body art and brought that magic to the face. What has come of this is truly AMAZING, with fusions of shading, feathering and crisp hairs definition.

Her experience in tattooing is truly one of a kind having taught at the college level for over ten years in Arizona and a past SPCP trainer, but off to better ventures now in her busy and creative career. Please read more in on our instructors page to see more information to see our staff instructors.

Our courses are fully loaded with high visuals using power points, workbooks and hands on techniques. Do not be fooled by the time constraints, these seminars are in depth and will give you what it takes to get up and running to offer the new and innovative services to your most discriminating clients.

This exclusive Micro/Nano stroke technique with protocols will take your tattooing to the stellar limits. 

Our instructors are master tattooists versed in all modalities of tattooing, from coils machines, pen styles and handtools.

With over 30 years plus of combined experience, we have the knowledge to bring your skill set to the next level.

We offer with all our classes a exceptional kit detailed for the subject matter. Seminars include reaudits and tech support for a lifetime at no additional cost. 

Shadowing and Apprenticeships are strongly encouraged and these are at no additional cost, based on availibility

Upon completion we offer exclusive use of our logo for your advertisements in both print and media form, this also includes a awesome window decal to let the world know you are certified in this dermal art application (CPDA) certified professional dermal artist. 

Students have many options to check out on their last day. 

Students can elect to choose their comfort level of either checking out on a silicone head to test out doing a full set up procedure, or provide a model at select times. If you choose to have a model, please have them on stand by during class dates before we assign them a time slot. We do try to get models, but we cannot guarantee this, as they may not show up on time. Students are invited to bring their clients even after graduation if they feel the need to have us sit in during their procedures.

Course/Seminars Outlines

Day 1 and 2 of the Natural Stroke and 3D/HD brow tm. Includes the following, at $1800.00 at $900 per day.

Kit (workbook, blades, hand tool, professional paperwork)
• Natural Stroke, 3D/HD hair simulation technique using the hand tool.
• Re Audit of class for a lifetime at no additional cost, appointment is necessary and subject to availability.
• A year's free membership to the WWW.LPCP.ORG trade organization. Which allows student to use the 


• LPCP by their name as a professional affiliation.

• Blood borne pathogen training.
• Live demonstration.
• Hands on training and skill development using skins.
• Art of the consultation.
• Successful Marketing
• Certificate of completion of seminar.
• Best color selections.
• Protocols for pre, during and post procedure aftercare.
• Securing the shape and proper placement.
• Proper anesthetic usages.

Day 3 Advanced training in the Micro Brows (tm) (micro hairs, etching) application technique. Includes the following at $900.00 for the day, prerequisite is day one and two of the course mentioned above. Combine all three day seminars of continuing education for $2700.00

• Advanced design patterns with workbook, placement and shapes.

• Problem solving workbook for corrective work, reworking shapes.

• One on one development of tattooing techniques, and combination fusions of all techniques.

• Fusion brow blending techniques.

• Microblading hair pattern simulation technique, not to be confused with the natural stroke technique.

• Proper portfolio documentation presentation via paperwork and photography.